Create Camp and Village 2 Village: Week 3

With July drawing to a close, the summer activities at the Maplewood Memorial Library are slowly winding down. The week of July 24-28 has been full of art, literature, and needless to say, good natured enjoyment. SOMA teens haven’t seemed to put their favorite books down this season, and we are ecstatic to announce that almost two hundred books have already been read this summer! We would like to offer a congratulations to our summer readers, and thank them for their dedication and commitment during these hot days. In even better news, we have hundreds more titles for our local teens to dive into- so don’t hesitate to make those numbers climb during the last month of the season. Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean reading has to- literature is not a seasonal task, but a valuable hobby with endless benefits that last all year long. Our young community members are already experiencing the advantages. Why stop now?

IMG_20170726_111651SOMA and Syrian teens alike have continued to flock to the Maplewood Library for our Village 2 Village program, and the success of the first V2V program shows no signs of stopping soon, nor do the friendships or enjoyable times that have been formed as a result of them. This week, local and Syrian teens, as well as Mother Nature herself,  joined up under the tutelage of local artist Samar Hussaini to make journals in which V2V teens IMG_20170726_110836painted each page with leaves, flowers, sticks, and other earthly treasures before binding them together. Amongst their newfound companions, local and Syrian teens found true success in the arts and crafts department- with a little help from the great outdoors. We would like to thank our local artist Samar Hussaini and all of the teens involved in the Village to Village program for dropping by this week- we love having you!

Amongst the numerous moments of happiness, this week also marked our last Create Camp program- I’m not crying, you’re crying. But there was no better way to bring our wonderful program to a close than with the much appreciated help of Maplewoodshop, who taught local teens how to make their very own keepsake IMG_20170726_164613boxes. Thank you to Maplewoodshop for giving us an eventful and crafty Wednesday afternoon! Overall, the Create Camp program resulted in a multitude of keepsake worthy moments- from smartphone holograms, to flying cranes, to homemade games, and beyond. However, the most important part of the program wasn’t the awesome creations our local teens made, but the bonds they fostered with their community and peers, and the valuable lessons they learned about craftmanship, teamwork, and dedication. We hope the important information our SOMA teens gained will thrive above and beyond our humble abode and go on to change the world someday. We’d like to thank our teens and community members alike for coming to Create Camp and giving their all week after week. We’d also like to thank the Friends of the Maplewood Library, without whom we would not be able to run these programs! Friends memberships and donations help to pay for Summer Reading program materials and prizes, and you can find out more about what the friends do at You guys are the best!

College prep books are out, and although standardized test preparation isn’t the most exciting of the events occurring here at Maplewood Library, they are amongst the most critical. Don’t stress about those upcoming exams. As always, we have the resources you’re going to need to succeed! Get your calendar ready and your binoculars in hand, for you’re going to have to keep an eye out for these study dates:

  • September 5: SAT Math Prep at Hilton Branch
  • September 6: SAT Math Prep at Main Library
  • September 20: College Wise Essay Seminar
  • October 5: College Wise Paying for College

We hope to see you at these events, and don’t forget to pick out some of our helpful college prep books while you’re at it.

In conclusion, great work and even better progress this week here at the Maplewood Library. Your intelligence, artistry, and fantastic personalities are just some of the aspects that make this Library function! Keep up the fantastic work!

Ava Pauline Emilione
  YouthNet Intern


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