Create Camp: Week 1

IMG_20170712_114846Here at Maplewood Library, we know that reading is the type of joy that lasts all year long. The “dog days” of summer have been anything but languid- The Maplewood Library has been filled to the brim with education, community, and good times for the week of July 10-14! Just shy of forty teens have already signed up for the Summer Reading program- and our Maplewood young adults have gotten busy quickly, already reading one hundred books cover to cover. Join the successful summer reading program if you haven’t already and dive into the wide selection of summer reading books available to you this summer! Other community teens are hardly missing out. In fact, students have been unable to put down their summer reading novels, and summer school classes already have stopped by the library to help them choose their books for this season! Don’t miss out on the magic novels such as Paper Towns by John Green and The Maze Runner by James Dashner can bring to your life this summer- on the shore of a beach, on your couch, and perhaps even in your bed before you fall asleep. Put those late hours to use and immerse yourself in a good book! Venture into worlds of fantasies, meet engaging and intriguing characters, and dare we say, learn a snippet of information or two in your off hours. All you have to do is sign up and turn the page!

IMG_20170711_162739However, the activities occurring at Maplewood Library do go beyond the greatness even books offer. If you’re looking for an undertaking that’s a tad more interactive and hands on than cuddling up with a good read, venture no further. Our create camp programs are the perfect place to think outside the box and complete some awesome projects dealing with math, science, and technology.  Seven teens swung by our 20170712_155829first create camp program, where they got their hands dirty in making, you heard us right, a smartphone hologram with plexiglass and other materials. Nine teenagers had droves of fun in creating a geometric pencil structure at our second create camp activity. Programs like the ones we offer here are the building blocks to the future- you may be creating a pencil structure today, but tomorrow, you could be making the next great invention that will change the world, one hologram or structure at a time.



Are you ready for the best news of all? It’s so not too late to register for our create camp or summer reading programs! Swing by the library and have some fun, and join the teens who are already benefitting from doing so. Hope to see you there- and never forget to read, create, and imagine to your heart’s desire. To us, you’re not just a fellow bookworm or STEM lover- you are the future.  Dare to dream big, and dare to start here.

Ava Pauline Emilione
  YouthNet Intern


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